Mindful Rebrand

Mindful, previously VHT

Mindful stands at the forefront of callback solutions, redefining industry standards. In the era of VHT, the brand leaned heavily on technological intricacies, lacking the human touch. Our mission was clear: breathe life and simplicity into a sophisticated system and software. Amidst a sea of competitors drowning in tech jargon and dark visuals, we recognized three distinct opportunities that guided our transformative journey.
Aim to simplify
Our approach was to unravel complex concepts and present them through easily digestible videos. Shifting our language from the intricacies of our technology, we focused on articulating how it directly benefited the customer, fostering loyalty among clients who embraced our innovative solutions.
Do the opposite
Everyone was going very heavy into the tech, leaving the humans our entirely. The esthetics were often light or dark with super saturated colors. No one was doing light pastels, something you don't associate with tech, so it stood out. In a big way. People sought out our look at conferences because we were so different. It got our foot in the door with a lot of conversations that lead to sales, all because we were different. 
Make people feel
In a landscape dominated by tech-heavy aesthetics, we dared to be different. While others delved into dark or light themes with saturated colors, we chose a unique path. Our incorporation of light pastels, an unconventional choice in the tech realm, made us stand out remarkably. At conferences, people were drawn to our distinct look, initiating conversations that paved the way for meaningful connections and, ultimately, sales.

This strategic shift permeated our culture, with the success of Mindful being a testament to the collective efforts of its people. Team members enthusiastically embraced the transformation, leading to extraordinary collaborations with our sales team (showcased in our whimsical Wonka-esque factory at CCW) and product teams (highlighted in the Kind By Design Product Release). The ripple effect was a cultural shift that propelled Mindful to new heights.