Mindful Rebrand

Mindful, previously VHT

Mindful is the industry leading callback solution. The old brand (VHT) was heavy on the tech, light on the personality. What we aimed to do was give life and simplicity to a fairly complex system and software. From a competitive landscape perspective, every one was going for tech-heavy jargon and dark visuals. 

The more we unpacked this brand, we found three opportunties. What you see on my portfolio is the execution of those ideas:
Aim to simplify
This meant understanding complex ideas, but distilling them down to digestable videos that people could easily understand and see the value in. It meant our language had to change from the nuts and bolts of how our technology worked to how it benefited the customer which meant they were more loyal to our clients that used our tech.
Do the opposite
Everyone was going very heavy into the tech, leaving the humans our entirely. The esthetics were often light or dark with super saturated colors. No one was doing light pastels, something you don't associate with tech, so it stood out. In a big way. People sought out our look at conferences because we were so different. It got our foot in the door with a lot of conversations that lead to sales, all because we were different. 
Make people feel
We switched from B2B strategy to B2B2C. We told a simple story that everyone could empathize with. When people feel, they start to understand and see past the money to a longer strategy of customer love and loyalty. 

Ultimately this lead to a shift in culture. So much of this brands success was because of the people who worked at Mindful. People leaned into it and it lead to some really awesome projects with our sales team (pics of our Wonka-esque factory at CCW) and product teams (Kind By Design Product Release)