Emma is a part of CM Group and one of the brands I have managed for 3+ years. This brand, born out of Nashville has a strong local presence and history.

We used qualitative user testing research to evolve the homepage for a better prospect experience. This included 3-6 months of user research and watching how people were naturally engaging with our content - we then mapped that back to how they wanted the site to work for them, rather than how we assumed they wanted it to work.

This lead to:

22% Improvement in CTAs on the new homepage
25% improvement in form fills on visitors coming from new homepage

What we learned that informed content and design:

New messaging copy/content (adding quirk and personality) while still being informative.
Features became interactive cards.
To increase the user experience and aid in accessibility
Clickable cards that take user to Features page with anchor links.
Limit to 6 top features
Addition of Social Proof module
CTA’s that meet the WCAG standards for color contrast
Addition of Emma Video
Reduced illustration as feedback as a reason for choosing of “Start-up” for how Emma was being perceived
Set visual expectations for what the product/platform looks like and what it can do

Creative Director: Becky Gregory Chastain
Art Director: Tylor Loposser
Copywriter: Kait Westbrook

In 2018 We partnered with redpepper agency to reband Emma. This rebrand introduced animated characters which we used throughout all marketing material. The billboard ran on two major exits in the Nashville area, which was purely a brand awareness play since most of Nashville is familiar with the small tech startup. 

Designer: Becky Gregory Chastain